Thinking It Through ( Original With Lyrics)Gibson SG Recorded with A 1964 Vox Cambridge Amp | #ERROR!

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Thinking it Through . A Fictional song recorded with my Gibson SG Custom.

” You were the one ” Cast Me A Side
You were the one I Idolized
You were the one Made up Your mind
You were the one Let go of the prize
Now your thinking it through
Yeah your thinking it through ( Repeat )
You were the one Spoke hard of me
You were the one That set me free
You were the one Had no time
Now your the one That’s Slipped my mind
Now Your Thinking It Through
Yeah Your Thinking It Through
Now you want me to take you back
And make it just like before
You were the one that walked out on me
That Day you closed the door
SOLO ( Guitar)
Now your thinking through
Yeah Your thinking h It Through