WARFRAME – Ashes to Crowns – [Fan made 3D Animated Series] – LAUNCH TRAILER |


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Here is the official launch trailer. All music here is composed and produced by me, Caroline-Jayne Gleave. Enjoy 🙂


Disclaimer: Not based on Warframe lore. We do not own anything Warframe related. Warframe assets belongs to Digital Extremes.

Our team has been working on a Fan Made 3D Animated Series for the community of Warframe. This is only a testament for what will come in the future. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout our journey so far! If you are new to the channel, I hope that our team can earn your support for the months and possibly years to come.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AoD_Member

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aod_theldrum/

Discord – https://discord.gg/Y8ruVJ9


Animations – Bucketboi / AoD_Crown / AshtheMush / Forge / Nomura_634

Modeling – Beard_of_Weird / Tam Bui / Forge / Retronous / Kretduy

VFX – im_galad / FaustKeinz

Textures – Yusufu3d / AshtheMush / im_galad

Music – Max Grigoryev / Caroline-Jayne Gleave

Voice Acting – Benjamin Callins / Alex Mox

SFX – Blast / Vanessa Flores / LeCasual

2D – Vaporshine / Brodin.leo / Peachmilk.art

Graphics – AoD_Vistere / AoD_Crown

These are the amazing people that have made this very thing happen. We have some newer teammates on board who are ready to show what they got for the actual series!


If you wish to support us further, we hope that today we have earned your sub! Be sure to join us on discord for progress updates. Looking forward to seeing you along our journey!