Breathe by Therese Lefèbvre & Dan Bristow [Original Song] |


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…for those who went through it
…for those going through it
…for those who left
…for those who stayed

…it was time to step out of my comfort zone …and embark on this journey with a dear friend and wonderful artist, Dan Bristow. Dan has a very unique way of transmitting emotions with his art. He does every now and then… with great compassion… and beautiful honesty… approach themes which are not so easy to portray… yet some stories sometimes need to be told… because to some …such stories serve as solace… a year ago Dan gifted me with the first sung track over my music …before that I only worked on instrumentals… he had taken my piece ‘Solo’ …added lyrics to it and produced another version of the piece… it was a very beautiful initiative on his channel which was received very warmly… I knew the time would come that we would produce a brand new piece together… thank you Dan for giving me this opportunity to find a way to approach this very sad yet heartfelt theme which moved me all along …it was the most challenging video I edited so far… yet I did alongside you work on this theme both for the compassionate and raw emotion side …and as a growth in approaching a subject which is so very delicate… painful… and often maybe suffered in silence…  this caused tears and many emotions …yet thank you …beautiful person …beautiful artist …and beautiful soul ‘Dan’ …may our paths meet again…

Many of you know Dan already, but those who don’t check out his tasteful and emotional work on his channel called ‘Piano by Ear’:–1hLzO8iM2rlg

Here’s also the sung version of ‘Solo’ which is on Dan’s channel:

Original Piano Composition: Therese Lefèbvre
Vocals, Lyrics, Strings: Dan Bristow
Music Production: Dan Bristow
Video Production: Therese Lefèbvre

Copyright © 2020 Therese Lefèbvre | Dan Bristow.
All rights reserved.
Any unauthorized copying or reproduction
is strictly prohibited.

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This video is NOT SPECIFICALLY made for kids.

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