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“The Apparitions of Phantasos” – track 9 from my new album, “Echoes of Ancient Greece” – available from all the usual major digital music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes & Amazon, on 3rd May, 2021!

Aiming to ‘carry on where the ancient Greeks left off’, this album features new music – for the recreated ancient Greek lyre! Inspired by an idea to literally musically evoke snapshots from ancient Greek mythology, the selection of tracks attempt to convey the distinctive attributes of many of the long-forgotten deities of the ancient Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses.

Phantasos whose name is “fantasy” or “apparition” is one of the Oneiroi, a trio of gods who are in fact the sons of the god Hypnos, along with Morpheus and Phobetor. Phantasos was the god of surreal dreams; he represents the inanimate objects seen in Prophetic dreams, images of earth, rock, water and wood. This also makes him as a result an aspect of Dream.

Phantasos was one of the sons (triplets, sometimes simply the most prominent three of many) of Hypnos and Pasithea the goddess of relaxation, meditation and hallucinations or Nyx the goddess of night and Erebus god of darkness.

Eerily appropriately, this distinctively unsettling melody actually came to me in a dream – upon waking, I hurriedly hummed the fast fading memory of the melody into the microphone of my mobile phone and was miraculously able to reconstruct this music from my dreamscape for the trembling strings of my lyre!

The marvellously mythological recreated lyre, whose distinctively rich, buzzy, exotic ancient timbre features in this album, is the ‘Lyre of Apollo III’ – a massive chelys (tortoise shell form) lyre, handmade in modern Greece, by Luthieros:

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Most of the appropriately eerie, surreal dreamscape imagery featured in the presentation, was created by the late Polish artist, Zdzisław Beksiński. To check out more of his fascinating dystopian surrealism, please visit:


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