“Solitude” (Piano) Gerald Wilhelm Braden |


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I am a committed Classical Music composer, and I spend a great amount of my life in solitude, creating my music. Though this is fine, so long as I have my family and friends, nature to enjoy, and music lovers that enjoy my music! We all need a certain amount of solitude in our lives, to cleanse our minds and souls of the constant “noise” of living in the modern world. I hope you all are making time for these important moments of peace and solitude in your life, by enjoying nature, meditating, prayer, or by utilizing all 3 of these methods, and others. Finding more peace and calm in your lives, will truly help your feelings of self worth, be more friendly to others, and also to appreciate the accomplishments you make in life. Thank you all for being a friend to me and my music, and I hope you all achieve more happiness and peace in your lives…Peace!

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If anyone is interested in performing any of my music, they are all fully scored and copyrighted. Please e-mail me with comments or for info about my music at my business website: