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A collection of relaxing, easy going, jazzy instrumentals.
Suitable for background music in the office or home, dinner, relaxing, lounging, chilling alone or hanging with friends.
With the end of summer and autumn arriving, we feel the cooler temperatures, the air is drier. The leaves are changing colors. Our feet crunch the fallen leaves on the ground. Inside, the fireplace is giving it’s warm glow, the drinks are hot, the desserts are scrumptious, and the smells from the kitchen are divine!
Enjoy the images with the music in the background, or simply close your eyes and let the music take you to a pleasant place!

0:00 Start
0:02 Sunday Lounge
2:34 Goin’ Easy
5:04 Autumn In The Park
8:09 Relation Shifts
10:32 A Cloudy Winter Day
13:30 Sparkles In The Dark
14:52 Whatever
16:54 Evening At The Lodge

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Music composed by Russell Nollen

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