Flicker – HD 1080 – 1 minute version |


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Flicker: noun – a tiny movement

Though set in 4/4 time at tempo Lento, Flicker sounds faster because each beat is subdivided into 5/16. Ideally, an extended improvisation would occur after the 8-bar theme, but the imposed time constraint limits it to 4-bars of the [A] Section.

This was done as part of the Baltimore Composers Forum “Miniatures” concert, to be held on 2020-09-27, the first one of its kind for the organization. All submissions had to be one minute or less.

My biggest technical challenge, was keeping the left-hand ostinato part in sync.

I’m currently developing a version that will have the extended solo. Also I’ve begun working out an arrangement for a small ensemble.

Speaking of firsts: This is the first time I’ve recorded with my smart phone. In a way it’s not bad for a cheap Motorola G7 Power, but I do need to move up to an I-Phone when I can afford it.

Not having a grand anymore, I decided to use my digital piano, which I also use for gigs. While I didn’t notice it while recording, the pressure I was imparting to the keys caused the keyboard to vibrate.

It almost appears as if I had too much coffee – which in a way isn’t that far from the truth 🙂