Casio Casiotone 701 song Rockin’ Seven Zero One 7.9.2020 |


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Got this early 80’ies keyboard yesterday and today was time to made music with it : ) Totally live performance with Rock feelings.
Specs for this song are here:
Intro, Casio chord off, tone Tibia.
Part 1, Casio chord fingered, continous, memory on, acc.tone set off, tone Tibia. Style Rock’n Roll.
Part 2, changed to rhythmic, tone Diapason.
Part 3, changed to arpeggio, tone Pipe organ.
Also Fill In’s and sound fx’s used.
Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Composed, played live, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos 7.9.2020. #521.
Casiotone 701 80-luvun alusta ilmaantui settiini eilen, kiitos kaimalle kaupoista 🙂 Tänään otin sillä ekat tyypit ja samalla syntyi pieni kappale Rock-hengessä. Täysin improvisoitu live biisi kohta 40-vuotiaalla kiipparilla.