Mission Of A Soul (Album Medley) ~ Kelvin Nugen ~ Relaxing/Soothing Piano Solo |


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These are the short clips of all the 12 songs from my third album Mission Of A Soul. This album is about reaching out to others and to inspire them with the things that we love and feel passionate about.

Mission Of A Soul is an emotional journey for me, by finding out the things that I love and care about, I also learn more about myself, my ability and how I can connect with others, it is also inspired by some of the events that happened through out the process of making these beautiful songs.

I hope you enjoy this medley and feel free to comment your favorite song below, mine is Moonlit River.

00:12 Legends Generation

01:39 Warrior Soul

03:42 Moonlit River

5:05 Forever

06:59 First Flight

08:38 Lotus

09:50 One Thing

11:17 A Cozy Place

13:13 We Are Human

15:11 On The Bright Side

16:35 Warm Amber

18:08 Everything Will Be Alright