Serban Nichifor: CRUCIFIXUS – Aura Twarowska and Silviana Cirdu | Serban Nichifor


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In Memory of the 7 Greek-Catholic Romaniian Bishop Martyrs. Free score:

The seven martyred bishops who gave their lives defending their faith: Bishop Ioan Suciu; Auxiliary Bishop Vasile Aftenie of Fagaras and Alba Iulia; Bishop Valeriu Traian Frentiu of Oradea Mare; Auxiliary Bishop Tit Liviu Chinezu of Fagaras and Alba Iulia; Bishop Ioan Balan of Lugoj; Bishop Alexandru Rusu of Maramures and Bishop Iuliu Hossu of Gherla, who had been named a cardinal by St. Paul VI “in pectore” or in his heart, withholding publication of his name until 1973.