Time To Feel – Violin Meditation – Sound Healing Experience | Fransoafran


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This video is an an end to end connecting experience especially for those who often feel restless, have difficulty to stay relaxed, calm and content.

The album “Time To Feel” is available on all platforms:

It is divided into 6 pieces with a progression to prepare ourselves to this deeper journey.

It is a special time for us to stop our busy mind to get in touch with our deeper emotions, especially the ones hidden or buried by our conscious and subconscious controlling minds.

The music is meant to touch us deeply, ​to get in touch with any negative emotions and release them out.

We can not be truly relaxed and focused if we have blocked dark
emotions within ourselves, and most of the time we may not even now they exist.

So make yourself comfortable, let yourself be immersed by the music to get in touch with that side and observe it, ​sit with it, embrace it, release it and let it go.