Sky Skating | Dave Kenney

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Imagine watching a figure skater seemingly floating on ice performing freestyle movements of grace and beauty. Now imagine that skater is you and you are floating in the sky looking down on the grace and beauty of the earth. That is the journey that important to me. This video/music is perfect for relaxing, meditation, Reiki, studying or just daydreaming.

One of the keys to my works is the focus on the “orchestration” of the sounds that are employed. Each voice has its own color like the piano, voice, flute, cello and luscious pads, which provides the fabric to relief stress and distractions and enhancing the positive energy that is already in you.

If you enjoy my music, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and please feel free to leave your comments.

Be well.

Dave Kenney composer of Sky Skating
If you are interested you can download my music from the following sources.

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