Epic Rock Inspirational Mix | Rock Hybrid | Ambient Guitar Music | Brian Jilg


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Epic Rock Inspirational Mix is collection of songs from Soundgear Productions consisting of Rock Hybrid and Ambient Guitar Music that lends itself to heroic themes and inspirational uplifting music. A mix of electric guitars, bass, rock percussion beats, epic singers, and floating pads and synths. It is like no other hybrid mix!

This could be a mix used as epic music for gaming, concentration or studying.

This is a collection of tracks I have written over the last few years that have a similar instrumentation and feel to them. I felt it would be a chance to showcase them as a story rather than individual voices, as it were.

0:00 – The Gunslinger
2:46 – The Calm
5:39 – The Wall of Sound
8:27 – Energetic!
11:41 – Ambient Smooth
15:32 – Storm is Coming
19:18 – Brooding
22:43 – Climb Higher (Cinematic Inspiration)

All music produced by Soundgear Productions and written by Brian Jilg

All music is licenseable on Soundgear Productions.

Catalog: https://soundgearproductions.com/music-catalog/ (tracks are searchable by title or keywords)

Web: https://soundgearproductions.com
Web: https://brianjilg.com