Poeslief 2 – Official Trailer | Jelle Dittmar


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The official trailer of Poeslief 2.

After the success of Poeslief 1, the most famous cat from the Netherlands returns with its sequel.
Brought to you from the creators of New Wild and Wild City.

The first film was the only film in 2020 in Dutch cinemas, that have achieved the Crystal film status of 10.000 visitors in the Corona Pandemic.

Once again people were invited to submit their best and funniest cat video’s with the studio, for a chance to be featured in the film.

Once again, Nicolette Kluiver will provide the voice of Abatutu, together with roles for TikTok talents, Dreamon, and Lonneke van Krimpen.

Super proud to score the music for this film, as well as providing the music for this trailer.

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