Ambient Modular Cityscape #6 City Awakes | Brigadier Lord A


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Cityscape #6 City Awakes is an ambient patch using 6 modules. I was trying to keep to 3 but I got carried away.

I was attempting to get the Make Noise Maths to create a clocked sequence transposition on the 2hp Pluck.

Pamela’s New Workout clocks the 2hp Pluck and also subdivides the Maths telling how often to shift. The SUM output of the Maths is quantised via the 2hp Tune and its output is sent the 2hp. The 2hp Output runs to the Morphagene and the output of that to the L & R inputs of the Happy Nerding FX AID XL.

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Moog Mother 32 (x2)
Moog Subharmonicon
2600 Blue Marvin
Korg MS10
Korg Poly61
Korg M1
Yamaha SY55
Make Noise Maths
Make Noise Morphagene
2hp Pluck
2hp Tone
Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4
Happy Nerding FX AID XL
Pamela’s New Workout
Arturia Keystep
Arturis BeatStepPro
Intelligel uJack
TipTop uZeus
Strymon blueSky
Zoom Multitomp MS-70CDR
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8