Gershwin’s OTHER Rhapsody? (with score) | David Das


Provide your feedback to earn campaign promo points — Gershwin’s magnum opus is widely regarded as his first foray into orchestral-jazz writing, the Rhapsody in Blue of 1924. But several years later, Gershwin penned a much lesser-known work, the Second Rhapsody for Orchestra with Piano, written in 1931. With somewhat of a checkered history, it’s not often played, but it’s a standout piece revealing a more mature Gershwin writing in a more sophisticated form.

This video comments on the Second Rhapsody and presents an audio restoration of a rare rehearsal recording that Gershwin made of the piece.

Special thanks to the Zynaptiq crew ( for the superb audio restoration tools used to enhance this recording.

A highly recommended modern performance of the piece is Wayne Marshall with the WDR Funkhausorchester: