What’s The Deal With Cinematic Studio Series Libraries? | Christopher Siu


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Let’s talk about the Cinematic Studio Series, and demo all the libraries!
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0:00 Intro
1:12 Free sample libraries guide!
2:03 Checking out the website
3:29 Cinematic Studio Piano
5:40 CSS Violins 1
12:28 CSS Violins 2
14:20 CSS Violas
15:18 CSS Celli
16:35 CSS Basses
18:20 CSSS Violin 1
20:20 CSSS Violin 2
22:10 CSSS Viola
23:02 CSSS Cello
24:20 CSW Piccolo
25:50 CSW Flute
27:07 CSW Oboe
27:50 CSW Clarinet
28:42 CSW Bassoon
29:17 CSW Alto Flute
30:47 CSW Cor Anglais
31:34 CSW Bass Clarinet
32:13 CSW Contrabassoon
33:19 CSW 2 Oboes
34:03 CSW 2 Flutes
34:27 CSW 2 Clarinets
34:54 CSW 2 Bassoons
36:40 CSB Trumpet
39:55 CSB Horn
40:58 CSB Trombone
41:46 CSB Tuba
42:18 CSB Bass Trombone
43:02 CSB 2 Trumpets
43:52 CSB 4 Horns
44:21 CSB 2 Trombones
44:59 CSB Full Ensemble
46:10 Wrapup!

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