The Healing of Asclepius | Michael Levy


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With the age-old association of music with healing, my ‘musical adventures in time travel’ would not be complete, without a dedication to Asclepius – a god of medicine in ancient Greek religion and mythology. This is a presentation of track 7, “The Healing of Asclepius”, from my forthcoming new album, “The Cave of Hermes” – out on all major digital music platforms on 1st January 2022, the album can be pre-ordered from iTunes & Amazon from 1st December 2021. CD quality audio of the album is available to pre-order now, from Bandcamp:

Asclepius is the son of Apollo and Coronis. He “represents the healing aspect of the medical arts; his daughters are Hygieia (“Hygiene”, the goddess of cleanliness), Iaso (the goddess of recuperation from illness), Aceso (the goddess of the healing process), Aegle (the goddess of good health), Panacea (the goddess of universal remedy). He has several sons as well. He was associated with the Roman/Etruscan god Vediovis and the Egyptian Imhotep. He shared with Apollo the epithet Paean (“the Healer”)” [Source: Wikipedia]

Due to the association of Asclepius with Apollo, the ancient Greek god most often associated with music & mastery in performance on the kithara (the large wooden lyre reserved only for the professional musicians of ancient Greece), I have arranged this melody for my magnificent recreation of the kithara of classical antiquity, handmade in modern Greece, by Luthieros:

Ancient Kithara & Phorminx

The piece is in the intensely introspective, thoughtful sounding ancient Greek Dorian Mode – the equivalent intervals as E-E on the white notes of the piano (heard here in just intonation) & misnamed the ‘Phrygian’ mode in the Middle Ages.

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