Allegory of Hope | Aaron Woodhouse

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Hail, Epik Warriors! I AM EPIKUS! I have before you tonight a piece with lyrics (see description) that I just completed! I have used a theme from an old, old piece of mine (“Allegory,” second track from the Catharsis album), as well as from a more recent iteration of that piece, “Allegory of the Mighty” (co-composed by myself, Ron Morina, and Jeroen van Hiel when we tried to form an Epic Music group). If you enjoyed this piece, like, comment your reaction below, subscribe for more (hit the bell icon to be first), and as always: STAY EPIK!

Throughout the years I have been thrown down
And yet I rise, though it felt like I would drown

My might is anchored in Truth, dispassionate
My hope is always the good times be retained

Why should I grieve?
There is no more of sorrow!
What it doth give me:
Allegory of Hope!