Phoenix Rising – Hudson Link | Hudson Link


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Hello everyone,

Here is a work that I composed last spring. Although most of it was completed then, I’ve taken my time in implementing some finishing touches. I am excited to finally release it!

“Phoenix Rising” is an orchestral piece that follows the life, death, and resurrection of the
ancient mythological creature called the phoenix. Throughout this piece, which lasts nearly nine
minutes, the listener will hear musical motives that are meant to evoke the character of the
phoenix, and in addition, convey dramatic events such as the death of the phoenix, and its rebirth
from its own ashes. Phoenix Rising is much like the tone poems of the 19th Century, but it is also
clearly influenced by modern film scores, such as the scores from the Harry Potter Films.
Central to the theme of this piece, are the ideas of life and death, and they are both represented in
various ways throughout the piece, battling for dominance. This piece is fraught with tensions
that arise from this dichotomy between these two forces and invites the listener to wait and see
which one will outlast the other. This piece is driven by the narrative of the phoenix’s life, and it
encourages the listener to contemplate the Perennial idea of death, and resurrection.

All music composed and arranged by Hudson Link