THUNDER | Therese Lefèbvre Prod. by CuPpa DuB ProductionZ [Original Instrumental Composition] | Therese Lefèbvre


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Therese Lefèbvre
Prod. by CuPpa DuB ProductionZ

Original Piano Composition: Therese Lefèbvre
Arrangement & Production: CuPpa DuB ProductionZ
Video Production: Therese Lefèbvre
Copyright © 2021 Therese Lefèbvre | CuPpa DuB ProductionZ
All rights reserved.
Any unauthorized copying or reproduction
is strictly prohibited.

My dear sister CuPpa… what a pleasure you are the first female producer to produce me. We work together but we are also good friends which added much more to this collaboration. Thank you for your enthusiasm and exceptional creativity… your world is dark and you drove me so much to create this production with you… we met half way and I believe we created a truly unique work …this is not the first time we work together but surely the first time we took this to a whole audiovisual production… love the end result… and love you and your sincere nature 🖤

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This video is NOT SPECIFICALLY made for kids.

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