So Good To Meet Again _ Improv with Tim Elliot | Gary Courtland-Miles

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Hello friends 😁

I’m so happy to share this recently recorded improvisational session with my dear friend and guitarist Tim Elliot. 😊 It’s been over 6 months since we recorded ‘Autumn’ Jam and several others. For most of them you can listen @ and

‘Covid’ and one thing after another kept us apart, but finally… we were able to get together in his living-room and resume our musical conversation!

And yes, it’s a long jam… 😎
But there are plenty of surprises throughout as tones and patterns rise to the surface and sparkle for a while ✨ and then transform again. So do finish the journey with us. As we both noted at the end, “There’s some good stuff in there.” 😉

May you enJoy! 😎

© Gary Courtland-Miles & Tim Elliot 2022
℗ Gary Courtland-Miles & Tim Elliot 2022