WHEN YOU SPEAK OF ME | Eric Schultheiss – Chris Meola |


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I am thrilled to share my new single “When You Speak Of Me” with you all on YouTube!

This song was written in response to the current epidemic of cyberbullying on social media and aims to spread a message of kindness and empathy.

I’ve witnessed far too much bullying on social media and decided to compose a piece specifically to encourage everyone to consider and share of what and how people should speak of them. Ultimately how would they like to be remembered.

As for me: Please speak of the selfless sacrifices made for my family, with the love of proud son, the joy of a daughter and the knowing insights of a wife and mother.

The soul choir vocals and big percussion add to the emotional impact of the song, making it a powerful and hard-hitting anthem against cyberbullying. I hope it can inspire people to be more mindful of the words they use online.

The releases awareness campaign will prompt people to answer that question.

Please give the song a listen and let me know your thoughts on the comments section!

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