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This is a collection of instrumentals from my first solo album, “I.”
Originally published 11/11/11 at 11:11 am.

On 11/11/11 (and yes, at 11:11 AM), a dream was realized and published. My first solo album of original music was released.
Since then, it has been sold digitally & on CD, downloaded, broadcast and played worldwide in over 200 countries. It’s been reviewed by music magazines, fans, critics, and bloggers from across the globe. Some of its music has been licensed for commercial usages. All of it has found its way into various places and playlists; from cars, homes, restaurants, spas, hotel lobbies, offices, movie scenes, commercial videos, and more.
I can hardly tell you in mere words how deeply honored I feel to have put out music that continues to make a positive influence on so many lives.
To a starry-eyed kid who just wanted to grow up to be a professional guitarist, you can imagine what this means to me.
To all of those who have helped in this creation, I thank you.
To all of those who have listened, I thank you.
With much love and gratitude,
– Russell Nollen

Music plays such a vital role in our lives. At times like these, we can all use a little soothing and happiness.
Music is so powerful in it’s abilities to heal, to bring us happiness, and joy.
I hope that you enjoy this music and scenery.
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Music composed by Russell Nollen

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Original Compositions by Russell Nollen

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