Korg M3 October Digital Symphony 3.11.2020 | Veli-Matti Rautio


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M3 activated also this Tuesday with symphonic feelings 🙂 Started first to jam with this sound and about one hour later, new song was ready. Combi sound I-B 115: Red Velvet Strings used. Karma engine & latch on, drum track activated in second verse. Scene 1, ctb were active. Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Composed, played live, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos 3.11.2020. #550.
Marraskuu M3:n kanssa sai tänäänkin jatkoa 🙂 Nyt vuorossa digitaalinen sinffonia, jonka Zoom 4n tallensi livenä muistiinsa. Inspiroiva laitos tämä M3, siinä on rahalle paljon vastinetta.