The Promised Neverland S2 OST – Promised Forest Arc (Fan-Made) | Dan Ch
©2021 DAN CH

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So here it is. Back when I started this project, more than two years ago, I did not think that this much people would enjoy the first album. And here we are Dec 6th 2020, exactly two years after I posted the first album, I am sharing with you guys the second one.
I am not going tell you again about how it all started since I already did it in the video of the first album, I will just tell I put all my heart in this project and I truly tried to express what I felt reading the manga. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

While the soundtrack of my first album was only for the ‘Introduction Arc’ of TPN, the first season tells about the second arc too – the ‘Jailbreak Arc’.
This is why I decided to compose for the upcoming arc of the anime, the ‘Promised Forest Arc’ .

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1. 0:00 – Born Free
2. 3:40 – Grandma
3. 5:10 – The Forest
4. 7:15 – Missing
5. 7:38 – Beneath The Earth
6. 9:10 – The Snakes Of The Alvar Pinera
7. 10:33 – HtUaNgT
8. 12:45 – The Girl In The Hood
9. 13:20 – Stories Of old
10. 14:17 – Gupna
11. 16:11 – Demons But Humans
12. 17:05 – Reason To Hope
13. 20:18 – Lone Wolf (Yuugo’s Theme)
14. 22:15 – Promises (Bonus Track)
15. 24:24 Never Look Back (Bonus Track)

Special thanks to Dan Foster for the help with the mixing and mastering.
Artwork idea by Dan Chicheportiche and artwork by the genuinely gifted shiredora.
Cover and video image by Giulia Tsipora.

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This is a fan-made soundtrack dedicated to ‘The Promised Neverland’ created by Kaiu Shirai, precisely for the ‘Promised Forest’ arc.
I am not associated with Mamoru Kanbe, Cloverworks or any other groups or distributors. This is a project made by a fan for fans.

You can use this soundtrack for your videos in condition to give credit to the author.