QB – Faded Love feat. Tanya Petroff (OONDA Edit) | Qbed

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For all of you in love with deep house music! Brand new song is here! QB made collaboration with Tanya again! Sensual vibe with lovely warm basslines and catchy melody with final touch of amazing Tanya’s voice. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share. Thank you!

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From the second that I heard you say my name in a sentence I was done,
But you had to put me under an inquisition and frankly it was no fun

Lose all the talking baby
Stop asking if and why
If you wanna know the answers
Look for what silence hides
Lose all the talking baby
Lead me into the dark
All there is to know about you
In you I will find

There is something deeply wrong about you, all you wanna do is talk
But change your language to unspoken and you will see the worlds beyond
The more you say more I’m eager to feel those lips sealed on my neck
And more you question more I’m lost in desire I need my senses reinvent.

Music production: DJ QB, Sonic Fiction
Lyrics and vocals: Tanya Petroff
Vocal editing and co-production: OONDA
Mix and master: OONDA
Cover Model: Marija Drca
Photo by: Nemanja Taneski
Design by Nikola Kujundzic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DJ-QB-106624704547/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qbed.records/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djqb



Tanya Petroff:

Sonic Fiction:

Qbed Records:

Year: 2018
Genre: Deep House/Tropical House
Label: Qbed Records

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