Across the Fields from Bumper’s Folly |


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Across the fields from Bumper’s Folly, in sight of Ranworth Church, a lonely tower stands, overlooking the cultivated land around. Here, where wildflowers grow, lies Christmas Bloom, who departed this life in 1889 and yet had a fresh red wreath on his grave, and other Panxworth men and women who knew this land well a hundred years ago and more.

A gravestone message reads…

‘Here awhile they must be parted
And the flesh its sabbath keep
Waiting in a holy stillness
Wrapt in sleep’

And in this magical place, on such a fine spring morning, as white doves held court from the parapet, I felt privileged to be alive here in moment…

Music written by Slow Descent to Wild, using:

Moog Grandmother — Strymon Volante
Korg Arp Odyssey — Chase Bliss Mood — Meris Mercury 7
Spitfire Audio Tundra and Solo Strings libraries
Felt Instruments Blisko Viola
Fluffy Audio Dominus Choir
Native Instruments Noire Piana

Filmed with DJI Mavic Mini and Canon XA20

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