“Requiem for Lost Loves” Bratislava Symphony Orchestra / Gerald Wilhelm Braden | Gerald W. Braden


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I composed my Requiem for Lost Loves in early 2019 in remembrance and sorrow for all the loved ones I have lost in the past few years. When I first finished it, I couldn’t listen to it for a few weeks, because it made me weep in sorrow, thinking of my loved ones.

On a happier “note, ” I am so happy to have met my new friend and colleague this year, the wonderful Conductor Anthony Armore from Vienna, Austria, my families original home. Anthony has worked tirelessly to help me arrange my first live orchestra performances, the first being this rehearsal performance with the wonderful Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, from Bratislava, Slovakia. They rehearsed and recorded my Requiem, and my Summer Prelude in one day, and this was a gargantuan feat! The musicians in the Bratislava Symphony are simply wonderful, and greatly talented! If you are a musician, imagine having to read, digest, rehearse, and perform 2 brand new difficult 10 minute orchestral works in one day…wow! I was online with them on Skype with one of my laptops (with a full view of the concert stage and orchestra), and on another laptop with a private audio connection, to communicate to the Conductor and Sound Engineer during the rehearsal and recording. This is not a “perfect” recording, as with a mixed recording for a commercial CD, just a simple rehearsal recording, though still sounds good. It was simply amazing and humbling, watching the Orchestra and Conductor from the start of the rehearsals, to the actual recording performances!

At the beginning of my Summer Prelude, the Conductor Anthony relayed a message to the orchestra, telling them how much I appreciated their talent, and these performances, and how long I have waited for this day. It warmed my heart when the String sections tapped their bows on their instruments, as this is a very polite way of showing respect and thanks to the composer. Sadly, I cut this out of the Summer Prelude video, because itwas another 90 seconds of talking before the performance began. I have been trying very hard, promoting my music, to arrange live orchestra performances in the US for 4 years, with no positive results. In only 3 months, with the great help from Conductor Anthony Armore, we have 3 more live orchestra performances scheduled in December, March, and next July. Hopefully, these live performances will eventually result in some live performances with US orchestras, and others around the world.

If you are interested in arranging live performances for your orchestral music, or purchasing a fine string instrument, please contact Blue Danube Musikimpresario in Vienna, Austria at:


I would also like to thank all my fans and friends, that donated to my Facebook Fundraiser to make these first live performances possible. There are so many classical music loving friends such as Leonid Korelstein, Dennis Lewin, Dianne Cioce, Chris Cuda, Matt Weiss, Gary Noland, Jim Felter, Rohan Puranik, Randi Botnen, Paul Zimmerman, and so many others, that have been patrons of the arts for my classical music. These friends cared enough about my music to donate anything they could afford, from smaller donations to larger donations, and I am so thankful! I dedicated my 3rd Piano Sonata to Leonid Korelstein, in thanks of his friendship and generosity.

I hope you all enjoy my Requiem for Lost Loves, and all my music, and will Subscribe to my YouTube channel, share comments, and share my music with your friends. …Peace! https://www.Facebook.com/Gerald.Braden.Composer/