100 – Stephan Lipinski / Jamie Rhind | Jamie Rhind


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Hard to believe but this is the 100th track that Stephan Lipinski and I have recorded together. So we’re simply naming this 100. It started out as 152 – the tempo – but I released that and had forgotten I’d asked Pinner to join me. His wonderful guitar is now added and as always, makes everything so much better. A huge thanks here to Stephan, who has devoted so much time to our music and to the music of others. Follow his SoundCloud to hear more serious guitar work: https://soundcloud.com/pinner
And for a playlist of the now 100 tunes we have recorded together: https://soundcloud.com/jamie-rhind/sets/smokin-with-stephan-stephan

Thanks as always for your generous time listening, for your comments and for your shares