Slipping & Sliding – Lou Taverna/Dan van den Berg/Ed van den Brickel/Sergio Parraga/Jamie Rhind | Jamie Rhind


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Four minutes of magic. That’s what we have here. Assembled are such fine musicians from around the world – all serious about what they do and together, contributing to such a great sound. The first time many have met musically, and a joy to bring these friends together. For me, Miles Davis has been the very highest beacon, and the Netherland’s Ed van den Brickel brings his haunting sound and love for texture to the ensemble. Ed plays with sound, and sure does so here with his harmonies and atmospheric approach. Spanish percussionist Sergio Parraga adds his beautiful latin conga sound to drive the ensemble forward. Love how he accentuates rhythms with syncopation, emphasis and such fine rhythm. And for Slip Slidin’ we have two virtuoso guitarists – Lou Taverna and Dan van den Berg – simply tearing this apart. Lou just hot home after a month away due to the tragic hurricane that hit New Orleans, and at long last was able to record his opening statement. Damn, it is fire. Such spectacular playing and impeccable rhythm and flow. The second guitar solo is Soundcloud’s legendary Dan van den Berg, also from the Netherlands, who brings his spectacular electric sound again to our music. Simply adore what Dan plays and so special to have him her with Lou and this world ensemble.

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