Wigs and Pride [Period Drama Music] | Arturo Albero


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Wigs and Pride is actually part of a study I’m doing about Mozart’s 40th symphony, trying to learn from the master.

So I’ve tested the orchestral textures as well as the use of the melodic minor scale harmony, which he uses a lot in this piece (and in a very inventive way).

You’ll notice the short violas from the start (I’ve changed them in the end using clarinets and bassoons instead), the long notes of the oboes in the long phrases and so on.

Also the melody is pretty similar, but the harmony is quite different, more modal. It doesn’t sound classical, it sounds “period drama”.

I’m using spitfire symphonic strings and horns. However, woodwinds are from Berlin Woodwinds revive by Orchestral tools and I had to change the legato phrases of the violins and use Cinematic Studio Strings instead, due to the limitations of the legato by Spitfire (the problem was the short notes inside the legato phrases).

Something similar happened with the Oboe from Berlin Woodwinds, which is strange because flute was simply perfect.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings has an amazing aura and it sounds really good (listen to the starting violas, aren’t they gorgeus?). It’s a pity they don’t have a playable patch for the legato phrases.

The DAW was Studio One 5 and I’ve used Eastwest Spaces II and XFer OTT as well.

The name is a joke, of course.

I hope you like it!