Phantom Transmissions by OlympicGing1 | AMAZING CINEMATIC MUSIC COLLABORATION


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Phantom Transmissions
Ambient music composed and produced by OlympicGing1
Copyright OlympicGing1 2021

Composer’s own description:
This track was purely a depression art project for me. Like many people, I went through a very hard time in 2020. There were many times where I just lost all of my enthusiasm, and struggled just to find the motivation to get out bed. A few times, I turned to music making to vent my depression, and would keep working for hours until I felt better. This track was the result of that. It’s by far the most personal track I’ve ever made. I hope you enjoy this dive into my own sadness. Take care 🙂

OlympicGing1 gives full permission for the music to be used on this channel.

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