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This video features track 8, “Seek Comfort in the Arms of Mother Nature”; from my new album, “New Ancestral Music – Rebirth of the Ancient Lyre”. Aiming to redfine “New Age” music, this album features a selection of brand new composition for the recreated lyre of the ancient world, in ancient musical modes & featuring the geometrical purity of just intonation – new compositions, for an ancient instrument! The album is out now, on all major digital music platforms:

The philosophical theme of the progression of the tracks, is is that of bravely facing the existential anxiety we all face, as sentient beings in what an incredible universe, which, if all our religions turn out out be wrong, just might paradoxically, be the random product of a causeless quantum fluctuation in space-time – and yet still to endlessly strive to find meaning and inner harmony in all our precious, but all too brief lives.

This perfect contentment, was first expressed in Ancient Greek philosophy by Pyrrho, as ‘Ataraxia’; a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity. The hallowed state of Ataraxia, according to Pyrrho, can only to be achieved by finally accepting the hard but timeless truth, that the only thing we can ever know for certain, is uncertainty! Translating this incredible philosophical insight to our modern times, we can only find our own state of Ataraxia; our personal inner harmony, by learning to appreciate the cosmic mystery of the very existence our conscious experience, as actual sentient beings , instead of becoming too obsessed in the actually futile quest to try to understand everything; which will only bring us struggles, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We can only ever have a finite understanding of this infinite universe! To sum up this cosmic enigma, so famously described by the late astronomer, Carl Sagan, the we are literally forged of star dust – that briefly became conscious of the stars.

Back in classical antiquity, in “The Republic”, the philosopher Plato, famously used the analogy of lyre strings to represent how the ideal society ought to live – although the timbre and tone of each string is different, they can still work together to produce beautiful harmony and order – society should aim to literally be like a well tuned lyre!

Bringing this idea new life in my quest for a ‘New Ancestral’ musical revolution, the limitless creative musical possibilities of the 10 strings I have on the lyre with which I recorded this release with, are analogous to the maximum of 10 decades with which our brief human lives span – even although the present human species has a maximum of 10 decades of natural lifespan, there are almost limitless possibilities in each of them, for each and every one of us to shape our precious years of conscious, sentient beings in any way we can possibly imagine!

Even If there is no God or gods, we alone still miraculously have the power within our ‘Inner Shaman’, to create our own meaning in life; even if all our religions prove eventually to be wrong and the universe itself, of which we are briefly a part, exists for no particular cause or reason.

Each of us must create our own form of harmony and order out of the chaos of this world in which we briefly find ourselves in – therefore, we all need to ultimately strive to literally become the lyre players of our own lives…

The specific theme of this track, is that when we become overwhelmed by the tangle of thoughts crowding our conscious experience, we must look to the beauty of the natural world of which we are briefly a part of – our precious, sentient minds are a transient but very real part of that beauty!

To evoke the feel of the comforting, nurturing maternal feel of this track, I used the distinctively feminine and dreamy sounding ancient Greek Hypolydian mode in geometrically pure just intonation. This mode, the equivalent of F-F on the white notes of the piano, was misnamed the ‘Lydian’ mode during the early Middle Ages.



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