Elfe by Nathalie Itta (arrangement by Albert Pulstar) |


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A fantasy song composed and performed by Nathalie Itta (piano)
Flute and orchestral arrangement by Albert Pulstar

Copyright Nathalie Itta 2020

Nathalie’s description:
The Elve is a legendary character living mainly in the forest. In the legend of Tolkien (the trilogy of the lord of the rings) there are many races: Dark Elves (evil), The High Elves, Elves Sindar (Gray Elves), Sylvain Elves (Wood Elves), and even the half- Elves (half Elf and half Human). They are beings of legendary and charismatic beauty, lovers of nature whatever their race with an essence of magic.
They have many physical assets such as speed, dexterity and are very quiet.

I played a character for years called Lyssa, an Elf Illusionist Warrior with a 2-handed sword “Chrysomer”. I learned a lot about this breed and all the advantages it can develop !
This music is a small dedication to Lyssa, my character who made me dream so much through her epic adventures !

A big thank you to my talented composer friend Alberto who made this piece even more magical, grand, impressive and epic thanks to his great talent ! ”

Albert: Thank you Nathalie for this collaboration!

Nathalie Itta & Albert Pulstar (orchestrator) gives full permission for the music to be used on this channel.

Post production Pekka J. Vermasvuo / Riverhope Music (for this ACMC release only)

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