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Inspiration – for IMPROVISATION! This video explores how it is possible to create almost endless, seamless musical improvisations, using nothing more than varying the TIMBRE of the instrument – no matter what particular instrument happens to be being played.

Although this video features one of my wonderful recreations of an ancient Greek lyre (“The Lyre of Thamyris” – handmade in modern Greece, by Luthieros:, the same principles can be applied to virtually any musical instrument, where the limits and possibilites of the instrument allow for changes in timbre.

Indeed, I always prefer, that with musical improvisation, just like decorating a Christmas tree, “Less is More” – listening to virtuosic improvisations which spew out cascades of demisemiquavers for any prolonged period of time, can actually make me feel almost nauseous! In my opinion, much more musical expression is possible within a simpler framework, than just spouting forth lots of different notes; which in the ultimately, is only about as emotionally expressive as seeing a firework display…

Do please let me know your own thoughts in the comments! Many thanks for watching.



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