Piano Sonata No.3 – Mvt 3 / Pianist Tetyana Hoch / Gerald Wilhelm Braden |


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My Piano Sonata No. 3 is dedicated to Leonid Korelstein, a friend and patron of my music.
Tetyana Hoch is a very talented Pianist from Germany, that has studied the piano at respected music schools, with great instructors and professors. Please subscribe to her new YouTube channel “Piano Tetyana,” and visit her website in Germany for more information, or to contact her. I apologize for the small glitch in the audio at about 5:23, though this happened somehow in the file upload, and these things do happen.

Piano Tetyana YouTube Channel:

Pianist Tetyana Hoch website:

If anyone is interested in performing any of my works live, please contact me for the score. All my works are fully scored, and copyrighted. All I ask for in return, is a full copy of your live video, sent to my Google Drive (MusicShoppeAkron@gmail.com). I will upload your video to my YouTube channel, with a short bio of you, and share your YouTube channel and website, and any contact info you share with me… Thank you for listening!


Gerald Wilhelm Braden