Greek Rock – A glimpse of Hope |


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Greek Rock – A glimpse of Hope
Another song in cooperation with Fotis and George,on familiar paths of Greek Rock Music.
This time Fotis recited a poem based on Charles Bukowkis “safe”.
Hopefully we will release an English version later this week with some improvements on orchestration and a chorus with vocals.

Lead Guitar/Drums/Bass/Mix/Production : George Kourmoulis
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals : Fotis Tsigos
Keys : Nikos Aravanis

Fotis channels : Youtube –
Soundcloud –
George’s channel : Soundcloud –
and the song on Soundcloud

Lyrics inspired from the poem “safe” by Charles Bukowski

Lyrics :

In the house next door,
lights go out at 10.
Without a word the husband and wife,
early rise to go for work
They return into their nest at dusk,
Sad gazes,lost dreams.
And again everything goes dark at 10

They have 2 boys,
2 quite boys.
Who where given,
their parents shadow.
They are invisible as well,
In a virtual world.
Common to all,
and that is convenient

There are times ,
i can feel it, they are drowning.
They want to escape the sorrow.
To begin to be free.
Before their expiration date.
Sometimes i can see,
a glow in their eyes.
It may last for a short time,
but it is the beginning and it exists.

And i am here behind the blinds.
With my shattered self.
Alone in a dark room.
Having too much to fear.
It ‘s dawn, I have to make breakfast,
take a shower and get dressed
Not to be late for work,
a dying life.

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels
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