New Music for Lyre – Inspired by Ancient Greek Philosophy! | Michael Levy


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A ‘live’ performance of track 9, “The Only Thing Certain is Uncertainty”, from my 2020 album, “New Ancestral Music – Rebirth of the Ancient Lyre”. Aiming to literally redefine ‘New Age’ music, this release features a selection of brand new, completely spontaneously created improvisations for the recreated lyre of the ancient world – new compositions, for an ancient instrument! All the tracks in this album also feature my lyre tuned in geometrically pure just intonation.

The theme of the album is the progression to the ancient Greek ideal of “Ataraxia” (the inner harmony we strive to attain, once we achieve freedom from distress) – an inner peace which can only come, when we learn to live with the difficult truth that the only thing certain in the enigma of our conscious experience, is uncertainty. Only once we can swallow this truth, can we finally appreciate the mystery…

On a strangely satisfyingly ironic note, this album was actually released on 1st January, 2020 – what was to become literally, the most uncertain times in modern human history!

The album is available from all the usual digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes. Lossless studio quality audio is available in WAV format, from Bancamp & 320kbps quality MP3 can also be downloaded, direct from my website:


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