Alan Kryszak – Soft Clowns | Moving Classics – New Piano Music


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Alan Kryszak: “Music, to me, is a language of vibrations that hover above human interference while capturing moments in a person’s life for later replay”
Anna Heller plays Chaconne from “Soft Clowns of the Sea” Nocturne III by Alan Kryszak from his piano cycle. This composition has always been dedicated to refugees in flight.

The piano piece is taken from Prog Rock album of the same name, about Syrian refugees, & the quiet tune imagines a lullaby sung by a father to calm his child as they cross the Mediterranean Sea by night.

“Anna is a music messenger, & it’s an honor to be speaking the same language as her.
All music gives away one of the only life secrets we are allowed to know: that humanity is stronger than humans, & if only a cloud of us remains a million years from now, it will have a sound inside it as a reminder of what we tried to be.”

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