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This looper goes out of sync! Couldn’t possibly be user error…

My signal chain is as follows:

Squier Tele with Wilkinson Vintage-voiced MWVT pickups and wiring harness upgrade

Mooer Slow Engine
Mooer Yellow Comp
Donner Yellow Fall Delay
Mario Bitcrush (omg you guys I used it like someone suggested- thanks I owe you one!)
ENO Looper
Artist Deep Space Reverb (church setting)

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching. Here are some ways that you can support my channel if you wish to do so. No pressure, knowledge is free. Do NOT subscribe, I’m trying to keep it niche. But if you do, definitely THUMBS DOWN the videos. (Does reverse psychology work on you?)

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This channel allows swearing in videos and comments, and is therefore not recommended for or marketed to children.

Photo manipulation by https://pixabay.com/images/id-2514312/

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